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Day 1 Kemetic Yoga Jamaica 2020 – Orientation

Greetings from Jamaica!! We are currently in Jamaica studying Kemetic Yoga We arrived in the midst of dinner while our cohort was enjoying a hearty vegan...

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Indian Yoga Music, Music for Yoga Poses, Spa Music for Relaxation

Indian Yoga Music, Music for Yoga Poses, Spa Music for Relaxation Music for body and spirit channel includes also: • Reiki Music: Here you can find...

Day 9 Beginner Yoga Challenge: Grow Your Roots in Tree Pose

Welcome to Day 9! Continue your journey of inner balance and grow your roots in the Tree Pose. Find your spiritual center and maintain...

Yoga for Beginners: 7 Yoga Poses For Core Strength

Your core is a complex series of muscles, extending far beyond your abs, including everything besides your arms and legs. It is incorporated in...

Relaxing Music for Stress Relief Calm Music for Meditation, Healing, Therapy, Yoga

Music for meditation is necessary for good practice. Music for meditation helps to relax and relieve stress. Listen to relaxing music for meditation that...

BWY Foundation course 2019/20 with Hana Saotome

Student testimonials from the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course 1 with Hana Saotome. For upcoming course dates see: source

10 MIN PERFECT AB WORKOUT Routine|Beginner friendly~Janekate Fitness

Here is a perfect Abs workout to help you reduce belly fat and tone your stomah at home. I have to be honest...

Wide Legged Forward Bend-Yoga Poses

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